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Recent United Parcel Service (UPS) Award for Excellence

by Administrator 26. April 2012 17:33

Pak n Ship's most coveted award is being the receipient of United Parcel Service's Top Shipper Award for six (6) consecutive years. Gene Routh, the owner of Pak-N-Ship of Sanibel, has provided shipping services to Sanibel and Captiva Islands since 1994.  

  "I've known all along that we shipped more than almost all retail counters in the United States," Routh said, noting that his business ships approximately one hundred (100) packages daily. "UPS started giving out awards back in 2005, when we won our first award as top shipper. And we've won it every year since then."   

Routh also stated that during peak periods of the year, typically between New Year's Day and May 1, his business has shipped more than four hundred (400) packages in a single day.

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Pak-n-Ship Sanibel

Providing exceptional service to Sanibel and Captiva Islands since 1994, in addition to shipping services, Pak-N-Ship of Sanibel offers customers a wide variety of products and goods, including packing materials, boxes, envelopes, tape, labels and the sort, greeting cards, t-shirts and tote bags, posters and an impressive assortment of patriotic-themed puzzles.   

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